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3 Intelligent Hotels around Hiroshima Station

The Hiroshima intelligent hotels have 3 building in front of Hiroshima Station: Grand, Annex, and Main Building(Honkan).  Please make sure which hotel you reserved before arriving.



Hiroshima Grand Intelligent Hotel locates on the other side of the Ekimae Oohashi Bridge. If you are coming from the Hiroshima Station, please go down to the underground passage. After coming up from the 8th Exit, please cross the Ekimae Oohashi Bridge. After a few minutes of walk, you will reach the hotel.

1-4 Kyobashi-cho Hiroshima, Japan 732-0828
Phone: +81(82)2635111


Hiroshima Intelligent Hotel Annex locates between the Hiroshima Station and the downtown Hiroshima City (Hacho-bori). There is the Inarimachi Station of the City Tram (Hiroden) in front of the hotel. There are two Inarimachi stations. If you are coming from the Hiroshima Station by the tram, please get off the tram at the Inarimachi. You need to walk for a minute toward the downtown. Hiroshima Intelligent Hotel Annex locates along the river.

3-27 Inarimachi Minamiku Hiroshima, Japan 732-0827
FAX: +81(82)263-7892

Main Building (Honkan)

Hiroshima Intelligent Hotel Main Building (Honkan) is the closest hotel from the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium. It takes about 7 minute by foot from the Hiroshima Station. Please come out from the South Exit of the Hiroshima Station, and walk toward the Mazda Stadium. The red painted sidewalk (pavement) toward the Stadium is called the Carp Road. Please walk along the Carp road. Our hotel is in the immediate point that passed through the Kojin overpass.

3-35 Higashikojin-machi Minamiku Hiroshima, Japan 732-0805
Phone: +81(82)263-7000

Contact List

Main/New Building (Honkan)3-35 Higashikojin-machi Minamiku Hiroshima, Japan 732-0805+81(82)263-7000+81(82)263-8700
Annex3-27 Inarimachi Minamiku Hiroshima, Japan 732-0827+81(82)263-7878+81(82)263-7892
Grand1-4 Kyobashi-cho Hiroshima, Japan 732-0828+81(82)263-5111+81(82)263-2403
Wedding and Banquet Dpt. (Grand)1-4 Kyobashi-cho Hiroshima, Japan 732-0828+81(82)263-5115+81(82)506-0015
Hiroshima Office Centre3-35 Higashikojin-machi Minamiku Hiroshima, Japan 732-0805+81(82)263-8600+81(82)263-3900