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    3 Hiroshima Intelligent Hotels around 10 min walk from Hiroshima St.

    Hiroshima Intelligent Hotels has 3 hotels, Grand,Annex and Main Building that are all within 3 to 10 minutes by foot from Hiroshima Station.
    It is a convenient hotel for sightseeing, business, dining and banquets, wedding ceremonies and watching baseball game in the Mazda Stadium.



    Upgraded hotel
    It is 3 minutes on foot from Hiroshima Station. It is the hotel which responds to various needs such as meal, banquet, wedding as well as staying with twin and Japanese style as the main.


    Three minutes on foot from Hiroshima St.


    We have three restaurants.


    Max 192 people. We have various banquet plans that suit for you.



    Fantastic hotel of river view
    One minute on foot from Hiroden Inaribashi densetsu. The hotel is convenient for both Hiroshima station and downtown area.
    Elegant hotel life at the riverside hotel.


    8 min on foot from Hiroshima Station.


    Restaurant overlooking the Kyobashi River on the second floor of Annex


    A 100 square meter banquet hall, renovated in 2013.

    Main Bld.


    The closest to Mazda Stadium!
    7 minutes on foot from Hiroshima Station. It is also the closest 2 minutes to the Mazda Stadium.
    It is hotel convenient for business, sightseeing and watching baseball games to support Hiroshima Toyo Carp.


    7 minutes on foot from Hiroshima Station.2 minutes on foot to Mazda Stadium.


    We serve Japanese home cuisine on the 1st floor of the main building.


    Maximum of 70 people. You can make a reservation online.

    Meeting & Wedding



    Classic hideout style wedding hall
    How about a marriage ceremony at a venue like a medieval noble residence?
    We are proud of our wedding dishes which are frequently mentioned as a decisive factor that many couples who gave a wedding ceremony at our church.It is 3 minutes on foot from Hiroshima Station. Suitable for wedding ceremonies and weddings as well as for engagement ceremony and second party etc.


    Hiroshima Office Centre

    Reasonable conference room near the Hiroshima station
    We have more than 20 large and small conference rooms for 1 to 70 people. We can support you for beverages, meals, etc. with lending equipment, lots of fulfillment reception support (weekday only). Locates 7 min on foot from Hiroshima Station. We also have parking lot for 50 cars. You can check the vacancy and make reservation online.