Elegant dining overlooking the Kyobashi River

While looking down at the calm flow of the Kyobashi River, how about an elegant breakfast and lunch?
You can enjoy your meal as much as you want, with breakfast and lunch in a buffet style.

Business Hours
7:00~10:00(L.O 9:30)
11:30~14:30(L.O 14:00)
Regular Holiday Lunch:weekend, national holliday, 8/13-16


Breakfast at Hiroshima Intelligent Hotel Annex is an American breakfast buffet style.
We offer a variety of healthy cuisine. Especially bread made homemade bakery is recommended.

The beginning of the day is from breakfast · · ·
Especially recommended for customers who do not usually have a well-balanced breakfast.


How about an elegant lunch, overlooking the view along the river?
Main menu, buffet (side dish), salad buffet, dessert buffet (fruits · sweets · yoghurt etc.), rice · bread, soup and drinks satisfy any ladies and men!


Dinner is available upon reservation. Please contact us in advance by telephone. We will prepare according to your budget and requests.

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  • Tax included.