Reservation ご予約

3-36 Higashikojin-machi Minamiku Hiroshima, Japan 7320805

Hiroshima Intelligent Hotel Main Building locates 7 minutes walk from Hiroshima Station. We are the closest hotel from the Mazda Zoom-zoom Stadium (3 min walk).
There are 3 Hiroshima Intelligent Hotels. Please make sure which hotel you reserved. This is “Main Building”.

Access by foot

Please come out from the South Exit of the Hiroshima Station, and walk toward the Mazda Stadium. The sidewalk (pavement) toward the Stadium is called Carp Road which is painted red. Please walk the Carp road along the track. Our hotel is in the immediate point that passed through the Kojin overpass.

Access by car

From Sanyo Expressway, Please change to the Highway no.1 at the Hiroshima Eastern Interchange. Please get off the highway from Madokoro exit and continue straight on line 70 straight ahead.
Turn left at “Higashi Kaniya intersection”. (Go straight on the Akebono Street)
Then you will see Kojin Overland Bridge. After crossing over the bridge (keep the center lane at this time), turn right at “Kojin crossing” immediately after descending the bridge.
At the next intersection, turn right and continue until the end of the crossing at the end, then turn right again.
It will come under the Kojin overbridge. The hotel is just next to the overpass.

Please make a right turn around under the overpass and enter. There is an entrance to the right of the parking lot to the right from the front of the hotel. It is a narrow alley between the Hiroshima office center and the hotel.

Since the road in front of the hotel is a one-way street, please enter the side street on the right side of the Kojin overbridge in cases other than coming from above the overpass.


There is a parking lot dedicated reception place in the parking lot where you enter from the alley next to the main building.
In addition to the tower parking, the hotel has a parking space under a stereoscopic parking space, a new building, and also has a parking space where large buses can be parked under the Kojin Overland Bridge. About 50 cars can be parked in total. (For parking spaces, please park according to the instruction of parking lot reception)

Parking fee is 1100 yen (normal car) overnight (Membership fee is 500 yen)
Even if you can stay paring during daytime, the daytime parking fee is cheap as 1,200 yen.

In addition, please inquire in advance when coming by bus or truck. Parking spaces for large vehicles are limited.

When parking in the parking lot
    1. Please park in front of the hotel and let us know at the front desk. It is to prevent that it was a different hotel you reserved after parking your car because there are 3 Intelligent hotels. /li>
    2. Please proceed through the alley between the hotel and Hiroshima office center, and park according to the instructions of the reception of the parking lot.


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