For formal as well as casual use ...

Wide view and relaxing venue overlooking Hiroshima station.
In addition to table seats, the tatami rooms are also available.

In addition to the party, you can use it as a venue for relatives and friends, alumni association and second party of the memorial service.
As it is a private reservation-based charter venue, you can relax and enjoy the banquet.

Please enjoy the taste of the season from small fish dishes in the Seto Inland Sea to the sitting ceremony, hot pot dishes.

Business Hours By reservation only
Number of Seats 26 seats
Regular Holiday Non-regular holiday (reservation required)


There is no fixed menu for reservation-based shops.
We prepare dishes while incorporating seasonal ingredients according to your wishes and budget.
We accept reservations from 15 people.
A reservation is required at least 2 weeks in advance.
Please contact us for reservation from the inquiry form.

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  • Tax included.