Reservation ご予約

グランドインテリジェントホテル レストラン


We cordially invite you to our three restaurant: Lobby Lounge “Amati”, Sky Restaurant “Belvedare”, and Japanese Restaurant “Itsukushima” (just for reservation).
Whether you are going to have a business lunch, romantic candlelight dinner or just a drink after a busy day, the Hiroshima Grand Intelligent Hotel Restaurants will always meet your needs.

Weekly Lunch Menu


Dishes with full sensation of five senses on texture and ingredients. Please enjoy dishes packed with deliciousness of French.

Not only the taste but also the attentive attentions unique to Japanese cuisine, art of Japanese style sticking to look. We will direct the pleasure of the seasonal food of Japanese cuisines.


Exclusive pastries made every morning at the hotel’s bakery, fresh bread and desserts made by Boulanger add color to the dishes.


Sky Restaurant Belve

Grand intelligent hotel Sky restaurant located on the 14th floor.
Please enjoy the best French while enjoying the view of the evolving Hiroshima station area.

Lobby Lounge Amati

Cafe restaurant on the ground floor of the Grand Intelligent Hotel.
It is a popular shop with exclusive pastry cakes and bread made with bouquet.

Japanese Restaurant Itsukushima

Grand intelligent hotel 13th floor Japanese cuisine “Itsukushima”.
From authentic Kaiseki (Japanese full course) in a private room to casual Japanese cuisine in a party style we will prepare according to your wishes. By appointment only.


About breakfast

You can have a breakfast for 1,600 yen by buffet of Japanese and Western food even on that day. If you applied on the previous day, it is 1,400 yen.
Breakfast time is from 7: 00-9: 30 at the 14th floor sky restaurant (Belve). Kids’ menu are 850 yen for elementary school students (same as previous day reservation). For preschool children, it is free for 1 adult per room stay.

I heard that there is a hotel made bread, where can I buy it?

At the Hiroshima Grand Intelligent Hotel, bakery craftsmen bake bread every morning. You can buy our hotel special bread at cafe Amati on the ground floor.
In addition, we are selling hotel homemade cakes and baked goods at Amati, so please try by all means.